Crystal-clear, like-new exterior (surface) lens guarantee

Permanent restoration goes deep to bare plastic removing all oxidized coating and damaged plastic. This process in turn guarantees results would be perfect every time no matter the severity of the oxidation. Keep in mind restoration takes place on the surface of the lens. Any issues on the inside of the hosing like dust accumulation behind the lens or discoloration of the reflective chrome will not be fixed. Some interior flaws may not be visible if the surface of the lens is really yellow and fogged up. Once the exposed exterior is restored to perfection, then other issues become visible.



Our Oxidation Removal service is backed by a lifetime warranty. We will fix any issues caused naturally by the elements for as long as you own your car. This warranty is nontransferable, but you may purchase a transferable warranty at the time of purchase for an additional fee. Warranty does not include Commercial Vehicles, Semi-Trailer Trucks, and Motorhomes.

There is no special care needed, all you have to do to keep your lifetime warranty and enjoy happy healthy lights is nothing. Removing our protective clear coat using buffing, sanding or direct pressure washer will void the warranty.

Congratulation on your newly restored lens. Please enter your receipt number indicated on the bottom right hand side of your digital receipt to begin your lifetime warranty registration.